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This is a part we just started carrying. They have been used by a certain "guy" that does a lot of "Bugeye's" for a while now. We have them made by the same person. They allow a very easy camber adjustment. This can both correct issues with a possible bent frame or get you some much needed camber for racing. As we just started carrying them, we haven't put them on a car yet, but they are very well made. These are sold individually. There is a $50 core charge for these. You can choose to pay the core charge now and we will ship immediately, then refund your core charge when we recieve your old A-arm. You can also choose to just pay the amount for the A-arm now, then ship your core and we will ship your part when we recieve a core. Cores must be clean and in usable condition.

Adjustable A-Arm

SKU: AFN-801
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