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As you can see, our Bugeye is used in a variety of ways in an extreme nature. We've done our best to stay on that thin line where it's competitive in performance events, but still reliable and comfortable enough to drive across the country. These cars handle very well with a stiff front suspension and a softer rear suspension. Luckily, they are still comfortable this way too. The seat is very close to where the rear spring mounts to the body. This means that making it stiffer here will make your ride much more uncomfortable. The front however can be stiffened within reason without sacrificing much comfort. The engine is another balance. This car has a 1275 with 9.5:1 compression and a little better cam than stock. It also has been balanced and has a lot of high quality internal parts which will help give it strength. If you go for too much power, you will both have a much less reliable engine and one that is not fun to drive on the street regularly. You don't want to have to rev your car to 5,000 RPM just to get it moving from a stop. Here is a list of modifications and a rundown of what's on the car. Obviously, most of the parts came from The Winner's Circle.

Major Changes

  • 1275 engine

  • Datsun 5 speed

  • Cruise control

  • Custom wiring harness

  • Removable gauge cluster with ammeter and air/fuel gauges

  • Removable electric heater

  • Bikini top

Front Suspension


Rear Suspension



  • 3 into 1 header

  • 1-3/4" exhaust

  • RC-40 Muffler

  • Single 1-3/4" SU Carb


  • Custom harness made by us with correct colors

  • Everything fused

  • Hidden fuse block

  • Hidden relay block

  • Removable electric heater

  • Removable Ammeter and Air/Fuel gauge cluster

  • Electric tachometer-available soon

  • Electric GPS driven speedometer-available soon

  • Developing electronic dual gauge

  • Wired for heated motorcycle jackets

  • Wired for heated seats



  • Custom door pockets that hold cups

  • Toolbox where heater was

  • USB charger

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