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Stronger swivel axles are a must for a race car theses days, the reason being two-fold. Age is working against all of us but in this dialogue we will concern ourselves with axles only. The more they are used, more chances of them breaking. Yes,they do break off!!! The other reason they break is the higher cornering forces put on them by better suspension systems and tire compounds are have more stick to them.
Construction: The old stub axle is removed from the used swivel axle and a new heat treated axle is pressed in, then it is welded in place. The king pin bushings are checked for fit and replaced as needed.
The price is for a pair. They are sold on an exchange basis. You can send your old swivel axles [can have spindle cracks, but the threads must be good and don't even think to send in ones from a junk yard that are solid rust. they must be rebuildable. If you choose the "send core first" option. Box up your cores and send them to us, once we receive them, we'll ship you a set. If you choose "send core later" you will have a core charge added that is hopefully enough to encourage you to send us cores. We will ship when the order is placed and refund the core charge when we receive your cores.

Front Swivel Axle - Disc Wheel - Competition

SKU: CSA-800
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