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This is a pretty new cam for us that is supposedly great for all road cars! The cam has been around for 15 years, the sell over 300 a year, and is used by many competitors in England and the USA, but is also supposed to be a great road cam. It can be used on all A-series, but will give a lumpy idle for small bore cars. It's great for 1275 and larger road cars because of the low end torque. No need for high lift rockers with this cam.

Duration inlet 264, exhaust 268

Lift inlet 264, exhaust 289

Seat duration inlet 257, exhaust 252

cam lift in 264, ex 289

valve lift in 327, ex 258 with standard rockers

in 293, ex 430 with 1.5 rockers

should be timed at 107

valve crearance in 0.014" ex 0.016"

Camshaft a-series all around good road cam

SKU: CAM-001
Out of Stock
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