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If you have purchased new springs for your car, you have likely noticed that they raise the rear of the car to an obscene level. These can be used to bring your car back down to stock height. They can also be used to lower the car even more and can be used with origional springs as well. These wedges raise the angle of the spring, which lowers the height of the car. These are for 1/4 elliptic springs. To install, you just loosen the bolts at the front of the spring and U-bolt and slide these under the spring. The notch is cut to fit the locating pin on the spring. The hatchmark pattern makes it so these don't slip out once you tighten the mounting bolts back up. We have been using these personally for years and got the idea from an old racer who had used them for years. This is the first time we are selling this design to the public, but it is far from untested. They come in varying degrees and sold individually. That way, if one side of your car sits higher than the other, you can adjust for that as well. More sizes coming soon. We have recently changed the style of these because the cost of the old style more than quadrupled.

Lowering Wedges

SKU: qlw 800
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