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Ring gears do get chew up when using the stock Lucas starter. that is why so many people are switcing to the gear reduction units. See our WCS-300 starters. You can replace your ring gear with these instructions. 1st, make note the profile of the old ring gear, compare to new one. It is important to install the right direction. 2nd, Drill old ring gear with 3'8" drill and use a chisel to break ring gear. 3rd, put flywheel in freezer overnight. 4th, then heat new ring gear with a torch suspended from rod in your vice. 5th, put frozen flywheel on a wood surface and grab hot ring gear with two pliers and install on flywheel, it will drop into position. Make sure it is on even, it will tighten very quick. If you are afraid to do it yourself have a shop do it or you can send it to us and we will do it for you.

Ring Gear - 1275cc

SKU: SRG-102
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