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Years ago someone came up with the great idea of what they called a "healey garage". It was a cover for just the cockpit of big Healeys. It went over the top and everything. If you've ever been to an Austin Healey Conclave, you've seen these in use. You may have thought to yourself... "self, I wish I could get one of those for my Spridget." Now you can! This cover comes in black and protects the inside of your car from the elements. We've left our Bugeye in airport parking for a week with one of these on through what we were told was some terrible storms and it was still holding strong. The material is looped at each edge for you to put string or bungee material through. You can then choose how to hook it onto your car. We have foudn you can just tie it, use hooks, clamps, or even something we found at Menards that resembles a giant twistie tie. We hook it then to the spokes of the minilites on our car. We had someone else hook them onto the knockoffs on their wires, Yet another customer just ran plastic hooks to the body. These also fit a Healey 100.

Spridget Healey Garage also Healey 100

SKU: WCG-149
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