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Straight cut gear set as designed by Special Tuning which contains the laygear, 1st motion shaft, 2nd and 3rd gears. Not only does the straight cut design provide more strength and take significantly less power to drive but the ratios of the various gears are ideal for high performance racing! Yes, the nature of straight cut gears is that they are louder than the origional helical, but if you are racing you shouldn't care about noise, only performance. This gear set when installed will make a 948cc engine feel almost like a 1275, and a 1275 will feel like a 1500! You can always be on the proper power band of any motor!


The gear set can be fitted to gearboxes that prigionally used the 22G232 or 22G1100 1275cc laygear or 1098cc from engine numbers 10cc/Da/H4642 and 10CC/Da/L2356. This kit can be fitted to "1098cc only with B type gears" and needle roller bearings prior to this engine number, providing the later standard first gear syncro 22G326 and the reverse gear 22G240922G1114) are fitted, which were standard on 1275cc or from the engine numbers above. The installation of these gears is often done at home, but it is better left to the experts.


Ratio Comparison:

standard/close ratio

1st 3.2/2.573

2nd 1.916/1.722

3rd 1.357/1.255

4th 1.0/1.0


if all does not fit snug and change gear soothly, ckeck the front plates as some have a 12 thou deeper bearing ridge

Synchromesh Straight Cut Gear Set

SKU: RCT-415
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